Location Paisley,
Package Permanent
Job Role Co-Ordinator
Date Posted March 08, 2024

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Job Description:

Caring Hearts Limited is a privately run care company which provides a wide range of care and support services for adults and elderly individuals in their homes. Our mission is to provide all the people we support with the highest standards of care while also aiming to enhance their quality of life. We aim to ensure that all our carers preserve their dignity and self-respect, which includes accounting for every person’s cultural, social, and religious needs.

We are looking for a Coordinator to join our team to assist in the day-to-day operation of the business. This post holder will provide leadership to care staff within the service and provide care in accordance with current best practices, according to policy and procedures, agreed standards, legislative requirements, relevant regulations under the direction of the Service Manager’s. This will involve direct line management of a team of home care workers. This includes the management of the weekly workload ensuring that services are delivered in line with their purchase order/private contract. To supervise the care delivery within the service and ensure that staff receive regular quarterly supervision and maintain skills at a current level, and undertake such training and development as may, from time-to-time, be required to maintain practices as up to date. This post will be based in our East Dunbartonshire branch. The salary will be between £23,500 to £25,500 a year depending on experience.


  • To participate, as required, in the multi-disciplinary assessment of Service User needs and the subsequent planning of Service User care. Ensuring that service users are at the heart of the care delivery and that their wishes and preferences enhance their wellbeing
  • To define special care needs based upon identification of specific clinical problems, and to monitor and review as appropriate.
  • To liaise, as needed, with external organisations (CPNs, chiropodists, GPs and other nursing professionals) to organise and coordinate care delivery in accordance with current best practices, according to policy and procedures, agreed standards, legislative requirements, and relevant regulations under the direction of the Manager and within the financial plans
  • To report to the Service Manager on a weekly basis on activity levels and outcomes for Service Users.
  • To participate in staff development, training and performance appraisals. Ensuring that all staff contribute to the efficient running of the service, and supervise staff.
  • To provide written reports of all complaints, accidents, incidents and untoward events in accordance with written policies.
  • To keep abreast of all new developments in care, and of the philosophies and policies of the contracting authority, and to communicate the same to the staff of the organisation, modifying policies as needed.
  • To ensure that the day-to-day care services are operated in accordance with Health & Safety legislation and current statutory regulation guidance on best practice.
  • To conform to the company code of professional conduct in relation to the operation of the home care service.
  • To participate in Staff, Team and Quality Management Review Meetings as directed by the Branch Manager.
  • To engage with and positively undertake on-call duties as required by the branch to ensure a 24/7 service is provided
  • To engage with and positively undertake on call duties as required by the branch to ensure a 24/7 service is provided.
  • Be registered with the SSSC and work within the Code of Practice


Education and Qualifications


  • Good command of the English Language – Written and Spoken
  • Registered or willingness to complete SVQ level 3 in care


  • SCQF level 7
  • Supervisory or management qualification as directed in SSSC guidance


Proficient written skills:

  • Maintain all care plans/care records in accordance with the service policy and audit care records following company policy to ensure compliance
  • Develop and maintain a duty Rota to meet the needs of the service users that the service supports

Leadership Skills:

  • Ability to induct and orientate new employees to the job role and service
  • Organise and plan supervisions and appraisals for care staff
  • Oversee staff providing service users with support/assistance as they accomplish daily tasks, including bathing, eating, dressing, grooming and using the bathroom
  • Dispense medication following the service’s policies and procedures
  • Ensure that the staff allocated, and the staff attending each service user, have the relevant skills, knowledge and resources related to the opportunities and needs of that person
  • Communicate any problems, concerns or changes to service users’ family members as needed

Communication skills:

  • The post-holder should recognise the importance of effective communication within the multidisciplinary team, with service users and their families/friends, whilst recognising people’s needs for alternative methods of communication, and respond accordingly
  • Ensure that each staff member is introduced to the service user before or at the beginning of the first visit by that staff member, and that the service user always knows who to expect at each visit

Problem-solving skills: 

  • Plan, develop, implement and assess approaches to promote health and wellbeing, whilst recognising and reporting situations where there might be a need for protection.
  • Manage travel delays and staff shortages to fully mitigate the impact on the service user, managing and minimising their distress and insecurity in such situations


  • Previous experience of working in a similar environment
  • Previous similar experience of working in a similar supervisory role
  • Experience of working with service users in particular those that may have additional support needs
  • Knowledge of Rota planning, ensuring adequate staff on duty with correct skill mix and fair allocation of off duty/annual leave is preferable
  • Computer literacy and entry of data into databases
  • Driving: 1 year (required)
  • Care Coordinator: 1 year (desired)



Values-based Personal Qualities

Working Together

·      Involve service users, families, external agencies and colleagues

·      Speak up when things go wrong

Respect and Dignity

·      Understand person-centered care and can demonstrate treating people as individuals and respecting choices

·      Promoting independence and encouraging appropriate risk taking

Everybody Counts

·      Ensuring no one is discriminated against or excluded

·      Understand human rights and impact on care delivery

·      Facilitating people to ‘speak up’ about concerns and acting upon them

Commitment to Quality of Care

·  Striving for quality in everything we do, recognising and understanding what quality in care means for people using the services

· Being accepting about criticism and focusing on improvement

· Being open to new opportunities for learning and identifying the limits of skills and knowledge


·      Treating people with kindness

·      Understanding the importance of empathy in all areas of employment

·      Understanding the values of others and always providing a caring service

Improving Lives

·      Focus on how things could be done better and sharing ideas

·      Understanding of wellbeing and what is important to people using the service

·      Improving outcomes for people

·      Ensuring appropriate services are provided for people using the services

Please ensure your profile is completed as fully as possible to increase your chances of being interviewed. All mandatory questions in the application form must be answered in order to submit your application. When there is no answer applicable or unable to answer please fill in ‘N/A’ in the answer box to allow you to submit your application.


You must provide references from your two most recent employers. If you are unable to obtain two professional references, e.g. in the case of an applicant who has been raising children for ten years, please provide one employer and one character or two character references. All references will be contacted, therefore please inform the referees of the fact that you have used their name. If you are unable to provide the required references, p[lease discuss the matter with us.


Ex-Offenders Declaration

Please note this section will only be seen by those involved in the recruitment process and will be treated with the strictest of confidence.

Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974

Caring Hearts Scotland aims to promote equality of opportunity and is committed to treating all applicants fairly regardless of ethnicity, disability, age, gender or gender re-assignment, religion or belief, sexual orientation, pregnancy or maternity and marriage or civil partnership. Caring Hearts Scotland undertakes not to discriminate unfairly against applicants on the basis of a criminal conviction or other information declared.

Answering ‘yes’ to the question when prompted in the application form will not necessarily prevent your employment. This will depend on the relevance of the information you provide in respect of the nature of the position and the particular circumstances.


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